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Entry #2


2008-10-07 11:02:49 by Joe

Well, if you haven't noticed I like to play around with fleshlights. I've always been into gadgets, but lately fleshlights have grabbed my attention mainly because it is a way to play with the latest and greatest in fake-sex-organ technology. Something about the fact that these new fake vaginas can generate so much pleasure, while producing far less chaffing than regular toys, is interesting to me. It is fun to keep up with the technology and realize we are getting closer to the point where fake sex organs will give us pleasure in our homes, our streets, replace our car's uncomfortable seat holes, etc.

For now fleshlights are still a useful thing to have around the house, on your keychain, in your car, etc. I would be surprised if people didn't have a fleshlight or two around their home somewhere, incase the power goes out, etc. Take the recent events with hurricanes. Millions of people were without power, and some probably still don't have power from Ike. What kind of sex toys are these poor souls stuck with? Bare hands that start to hurt after minutes of careless yanking? Maybe they are lucky enough to have some form of plastic artificial vagina, but unless they have something with cutting edge technology it probably isn't that stimulating and may not last as long as something newer.

So I thought I would recommend some basic fleshlights that use cutting edge polymers and gels which are very efficient and provide long run times, more pleasure, etc.

For those who want an basic style fleshlight, I recommend the Original Fleshlight This toy takes absolutely no batteries and it will run at full power for as long as your arm can take it before dropping to a weaker mode that will still supply sexual stimulation for as long as your other arm can take. I have one and I got over 40 hours of pleasure out of a single session. Now this toy isn't extremely pleasing, it's just enough to give you the basic feel. The pleasure it produces is just enough to get you through the day. This is designed as an emergency toy that will give you enough pleasure to get let you function normally.

It's available in a bunch of orifices here:

Original Fleshlight

It runs $59.95 shipped (free world wide shipping). It's a tough little sucker too, with a hard anodized coating, water proof, etc.

For those who want something a little more exciting with a lot more output check out the Vortex, which is listed on the menu. I keep one of these on my key chain, and our forum mod Dobio (Dave) also picked one up and has been having fun with it. At $39.95 per sleeve it may not be for everyone, but it's a fun little fleshlight that will impress people when you fire it up in public. You can read the specs here:


There are some special attachments available that can turn this 10 inch fleshlight into a 15 inch fleshlight, but it will void the warranty and you do run some risk. If someone gets this toy and is interested in super charging it with an attachment, PM me. :)

There are all kinds of other cool fleshlights on that site as well, but I just wanted to point out these two as they are small and easy to carry on your keychain and may help out when you find yourself in the dark, with nothing else to do. :)

This isn't intended to be a sales pitch. I am simply trying to pass along some helpful suggestions from what I've learned in the world of fleshlights. After hearing about some of our users going through Gustav, Ike, etc, I wish I had done more to recommend things like this that may have helped them out.



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2008-10-07 11:07:46

First comment!


2008-10-07 11:43:12

Jesus, Joe! You're interested in fleshlights!? Since when!?


2008-10-09 14:29:43

As a fellow fleshlight enthusiast I fully support this post.


2008-10-10 01:31:34

kids sure seem to like guns these days


2008-10-12 10:37:27

I see they have a 'Super Tight Mini Maid', but are there any special attachments such as 'Weathered Street Whore'? I would like my fleshlights to be a bit looser with large, leathery flaps.


Joe responds:

I believe those are special order. You have to ask for them specifically.


2008-10-15 07:44:23

lol jokes

i get jokes


2008-10-16 07:31:35

i have one and im only 8


2008-10-26 00:02:42

Haha, a very well done parody.


2008-10-29 16:49:07

Do they have to be natural holes? Nothing gets me going like a good old knife wound.


2008-11-02 01:55:40

I find it funny they are using women to advertise a piece of equipment designed to replace them. ^_^


2008-11-08 23:18:01

What if.....there is a mousetrap in your fleshlight?



2008-11-14 01:28:31

That would be agonizing on soooo many different levels.

BTW just from those pix I couldn't wait to get some.

I ordered a dozen...


2008-11-19 17:37:39

What happened to the old computer mouse! Eh-eheh-eeeeh...


2008-11-22 10:20:37



2008-12-07 00:00:27

Ok now I am Shocked What?


2009-01-02 14:13:14

That's pretty expensive for something so simple . . .


2009-01-02 20:11:49



2009-01-03 23:07:34

Money well spent.


2009-01-06 00:10:26

Why would I pay for something that my hand could do for free and probably better?


2009-01-10 11:41:08



2009-02-06 21:59:40

They're all very funny looking, but the ass, the stealth and the mini maid are particularly funny!


2009-02-23 22:35:39

Wow are people that desperate? Pathetic.


2009-03-03 06:22:46

So are you still a mod here or going to go the way of Maus?


2009-04-14 21:17:47



2009-05-02 19:35:05

I... I'm in love with you.


2009-06-27 23:15:25

I want a fleshlight. :P


2009-07-02 04:29:36

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2009-07-30 17:34:27

R u Really This Strange To Talk Bout Thiz Coman Guys Get A GirlFriend!=(


2009-08-04 09:00:24

Man, look at the a-hole one. How am I to fit my wang in that?


2009-09-28 01:16:03

Very disturbing


2009-12-17 23:13:46

WHO ARE YOU11;;11;11;1P[P1OK1K1!!!


2009-12-20 11:40:42

hereby requesting these added to the NG store.


2010-01-03 19:13:34

Do you have a dog vagina fleshlight? :3

Joe responds:

Are they widely produced? I do not believe so. They apparently make specified porn star fleshlights, so I don't see why they couldn't make one special order for you if you ask nicely and agree to pay extra.


2010-01-04 09:50:19

Nah, I'm not THAT furry. Say, I've only recently noticed you on the forums, were you gone for ages & are now back?


2010-01-04 22:38:04

I am 12 and what is this?


2010-01-12 17:59:26

People actually buy those? Wow.


2010-01-24 22:18:04

with me around you'll never need a fleshlight joe ;)


2010-02-11 16:10:03



2010-02-22 21:44:11

Just insert your favorite organ into your favorite organ and you have your favorite connection


2010-03-11 16:17:52

thats so disgusting i cant believe you of all people banned me pathetic loser


2010-06-22 20:04:39

Where does the semen go??


2010-12-04 10:32:36

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2010-12-28 14:06:27

Never knew what Fleshlights were until now.

Oh boy.


2011-03-25 08:58:40

Why are Fleshlights being used by women -_-


2011-07-29 09:53:10

You can have animated banners?


2011-08-01 20:35:46

Haha your a lonely


2013-08-18 23:33:27

This is basically the female version of dildo?


2014-11-04 20:47:25

You know for a mod, you're not very engaging. Last we heard out of you, was in May 2nd, 2011, so you either got stuck or sucked into a Fleshlight, or you ditched the dick toy (Newgrounds and/or Fleshlight)...